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Did Hanson Band Perform for the President (April 2024)

Did Hanson Band Perform for the President

Did a band of three brothers, Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson, actually perform for the President at the White House? The answer is yes; they performed the song, MMMBop during the Bill Clinton Presidency. 

What is the real story behind the Hanson band performing for the President? Really want to know? If so, keep reading the article. 

Who is the Hanson Band?

Hanson is a famous American pop band formed by three brothers, Isaac Hanson, Taylor Hanson and Zac Hanson. Isaac serves as guitarist, vocalist and piano player. Taylor serves as a keyboard player and vocalist. 

Lastly, Zac serves as a drummer, vocalist and piano player in the band. There are some supportive members in the band, Dimitrius Collins (guitarist) and Andrew Peruse (Bassist).

All the members of the band have been performing together since 2007. The band is known for its famous 1997 song MMMBop, which was released through Mercury/Polygram records named as Middle of Nowhere. 

It says the song got the band huge attention and earned three Grammy nominations. Further, the band was moved to Island Def Jam Music group and the record label merged with its sister labels. 

On Island Def Jam, they launched their first album. The band is known for selling over 16 million records worldwide. In the United States, there are the top 20 albums in the name of this band. 

More than that, three top 20 US Hot 100 singles and eight UK Top 40 singles are also in the name of the three brothers of this band. 

Did Hanson Band Perform for the President?

Due to their back-to-back hit songs and albums, the band got massive attention and became one of the most famous pop bands all around the world. They got a lot of love from their fans. 

And if you’re getting massive attention from your fans worldwide, it becomes impossible to hide yourself and your personal activities from critics. You can’t say when you will become the limelight in the following news headlines. 

The same happens in the case of the band. A question: Did the Hanson band perform for the President become trending on the internet. 

If you ask us whether they played or not, we have researched a lot and found out that the band actually performed in the white house during the presidency of Bill Clinton. After their tremendous performance in the white house, they got appreciation from the personalities present in the white house along with the President. 

What was the Song Performed by Hanson Band at the White House

MMMBop was the song name Hanson Band performed at the White House during the Bill Clinton Presidency. The song was also written by the pop rock band. On 15 April 1997, the song was released. 

Shortly after its release, the song was nominated for two Grammy awards at the 40th Annual Grammy Awards. It became a major success worldwide, and the band’s one of the most successful singles. 

However, the song was declared the best single of the year in The Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll. Also, it got featured at number 20 on the list of 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s. 

What Happened to the Hanson Band?

After their concert at Denver’s Paramount Theatre, the band’s tour met with an accident with a truck while heading towards Kansas City. 

Zac Hanson, the youngest member of the band, took to Instagram telling about the accident. How the pop music trio was driving east to Kansas City after performing at Denver’s Paramount Theatre, and their bus was sideswiped by a truck. 


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He also mentioned the impact of the accident is so bad that windows and mirrors of the bus are broken. It also makes it too dangerous to drive anymore on the bus from hell. Thankfully, the pop music trio, including other members, were safe. 

Later, they hopped on the plane to Kansas City. Actually, there was a show in Kansas City, and thankfully the band reached their on-time safe and sound. 

Where is Hanson Band Now? Are They Still Making Music?

The band is known for making one of the hit singles in the music world. But now, they do not seem to be creating any music for decades. Since 1995, the band has released a total of 12 albums. 

In 2018, they released their last single, named String Theory, a self-produced album featuring the Prague Symphony. It is still hard to believe that the band is approaching middle age. 

Isaac Hanson is a 40 years old man married to Nikki Dufresne. Taylor Hanson is about 38 years old and also a married man to Natalie Anne Bryant. The youngest brother in the band, Zac, is also grown up and 35 years old. 

In 2006, Zac married Kate Tucker and had four children George Abraham Walker, John Ira Shepherd, June Rosa Ruth and Mary Lucille Diana. After getting married and having babies, it seems like it becomes hard for the brothers to stay focussed on their music career.

After releasing their last single, String Theory, the band made a comeback in 2021 with their album, Against The World. According to the sources, the first single from the album was released in May 2021. 

So we can say that the band is still active in the music industry, and in the coming time, their fans will get to see a lot from them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Hanson Band Perform at the White House?

As we’ve told you before, the band performed at the White House in front of the President, Bill Clinton. 

2. Is There any Fourth Brother in the Hanson Band?

Yes, there is a fourth brother in the band named Mac Hanson. He is also a talented musician like his brothers. 

3. How Old were the Members of the Hanson Band When They Performed for the President?

During their performance at the White House, Isaac Hanson was 16 years old, Zac Hanson was 11 years old, and Taylor Hanson was 13 years old. 

4. Is Zac Hanson Still Married?

Yes, Zac is still married to his longtime love, Kate Tucker.

Wrapping Up

We hope you got enough information regarding did Hanson band perform for the President. The Hanson band is known for giving back-to-back hits. However, now, they are not active in the industry like before. But their fans believe the Hanson band will come back with a big hit like MMMBop. 

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