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Why Sam Elliott’s Daughter Cleo Rose Elliott Once Stabbed Her Mother

Sam Elliott Daughter Cleo Rose Elliott

It is very disturbing to know that a mother is stabbed by her own daughter. Katharine Ross, married to legendary American actor Sam Elliott, found herself at the center of a harrowing incident that led her to legal protection against her daughter, Cleo Rose Elliott

On 2 March 2011, Rose Elliott allegedly stabbed Katharine in the right arm multiple times with scissors. The incident left Katharine with wounds physically and emotionally. Below, we’ll discuss the incident in complete detail. 

Cleo Rose Elliott Almost Killed Her Mother

Rose Elliott didn’t have a good relationship with her mother. She used to abuse her verbally and emotionally when she was young, but this got extreme when Rose was in her teen years.  

At that time, this drama was only up to the family and was never disclosed to the outer world. In 2011, this home drama was revealed to the external world when all the limits were crossed by Rose. 

According to the official court documents, Rose lost her temper on 2 March 2011 and got mad to kill her mother. She kicked into a cupboard door in the kitchen and started running after her mother to kill her. 

When her mother tried to call the police for help, Rose cut the telephone line with the scissors. After cutting the telephone line, she stabbed her mother six times with scissors on her right arm. She even threatened her that she would poke her eyes, but thank god she didn’t do that. 

What Repercussions Rose Elliott Faced For Stabbing her Mother

Immediately, this incident was reported to the local police. Rose’s mother mentioned that the scissor marks are still visible on her right arm. On 8 March 2011, the sixth day after Katharine was stabbed, she filed for a protective order without an attorney. 

On 30 March, in Santa Monica, the hearing was to be held, and her mother was given the protection she demanded. 

Rose was ordered to stay almost 100 yards from her mother until the hearing of the case. Rose was also ordered to stay away from her mother’s home, car, and workplace. If she needs anything from home, the police officers must be on the ground. 

How is Cleo Rose Elliott’s Relationship With her Mother Now?

After the stabbing incident, news came out that Rose Elliott had vanished from the public eye. Even she kept her Instagram private. 

On the other hand, her Mother, Katharine Ross, was kept under intense security, and Rose was banned from going near her. But now everything seems fine between them, and the mother–daughter duo lives happily together. Rose and her mother are also often spotted together at public events.

At the 2017 Sundance Film Festival’s red carpet event, Rose mentioned how her parents made her proud with their acting. Recently, the mother-daughter duo was seen together at the 91st Annual Academy Awards, where people saw how happy they were together.

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